Kids Eye Testing In Preston

At The Spectacle Factory, we specialise in Kids Eye Testing In Preston which is an area we feel very strongly about. Every child should have a yearly eye test carried out by a professional opticians and thereafter at least every two years. This is a very important stipulation when they are very young as often certain behavioural problems-sitting close to the TV, rubbing their eyes, blinking a lot-can be attributed to a potential vision problem.



In Preston, The Spectacle Factory have been carrying out kids eye testing since their inception over 10 years ago. Covered under the NHS, our team of optometrists include Mr James Goloba who has over 20 years of optical experience; Mr Neil Retallic who is involved in tuition for other optometrists and Dr Aleksandra Mankowska who also operates a hospital clinic.

For kids eye testing in Preston, The Spectacle Factory are located in nearby Bamber Bridge; with convenient free parking for your benefit. Be welcomed by friendly and attentive staff who pride themselves on outstanding customer service at all times. Providing modern solutions at the lowest possible prices while retaining your custom for long-term  customer care and satisfaction, The Spectacle Factory are ‘the’ opticians of choice in Preston.

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