Glaucoma Testing In Preston


For Glaucoma Testing In Preston, come to the optician specialists at The Spectacle Factory -based in Bamber Bridge-where you will receive a first class service from a well-respected team of optometrists. Glaucoma is a condition that ca affect your sight through the build up of pressure within the eye. Affecting both eyes it’s a real advantage to detect Glaucoma early as damage to the eyes-by not addressing the problem-means damage to the eyes can’t be reversed.

In Preston, many people choose glaucoma testing at The Spectacle factory because of their reputation as a leader in dealing with this condition. Under the expert guidance of  Mr James Goloba, The Spectacle Factory specialise in detecting this condition, using the latest  modern technology and techniques to do this.

All glaucoma testing in Preston is carried out at The Spectacle Factory’s premises which provide easy parking when you visit. With over 12 years’ of establishment, The Spectacle Factory have successfully competed against high street competitors by offering their service at a cost that is lower and with their location can accommodate a larger range of products.

To know more or to book an appointment, call now on 01772 312 213.


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